Arthena is Cultivating the 21st Century Investor

About Arthena

Arthena is a platform that gives individuals access to collect with art world experts. Choose collections you are interested in, pool your capital with other collectors, and invest.

We partner with seasoned, international art world specialists to help you find the perfect and most informed opportunity that will complement your existing portfolio. Keep track of your collection online and take part in our exclusive member benefits, including storage, insurance, an extensive calendar of events, and access to a global roster of galleries, museums and art fairs.

With decades of international experience, Arthena and our partners are helping to introduce the next generation of great collectors to the art market. When it comes to art, let Arthena put you in the picture.

Our Partners

Arthena recently raised over $1 million in seed funding after graduating from the AngelPad accelerator, and is in the process of completing its first set of funds.

Our Team

The Arthena team draws from a broad background of entrepreneurship, technology, art, law, and finance. Our aim at Arthena is to democratize the experience of collecting and investing in art. We get excited talking about the gloablization of the art market, trends in emerging art, and the intersection of art, finance, and technology.

Madelaine D'Angelo

Founder & CEO

Michael D'Angelo


Cornell DeWitt

Strategic Advisor

Sophie McNeill

Project Manager

Jacqueline Lung

Market Analyst

Matthew Conway

Data Scientist

Joshua Pulman


Kevin Hoang

Software Engineer

Sonja Wosnitzer

Marketing and Sales Operations Liason

Charlotte Jepps

Head of Strategy

Arthena is looking for people who are interested in working at the intersection of Art and Tech.

Our Investors

Arthena recently raised over $1 million in seed funding after graduating from the AngelPad accelerator, and is in the process of completing its first set of funds.

Praise for Arthena

“It is immensely gratifying to see how Arthena has developed a unique product that brings access and transparency to the art industry.”

Luis Trevino, Sr. Managing Director, Beamonte Investments

“By combining access, expertise, and crowdfunding, [Arthena] seeks to give investors access to asset-class artwork with leaders from the art world through their platform. ”

Crowdfund Insider

"Arthena is a project that’s got everybody buzzing. We may just be looking at the future of the art market - one that’s far more inclusive, savvy, and dynamically engaging to a growing population of future collectors."

Art Law Journal

"There seems to be a mismatch between what clients/potential investors are looking for and what the art fund industry is offering. For the art fund industry to evolve, a rethink of the current art fund model is probably required, which needs to incorporate the reasons why art collectors buy art in the first place."

Deloitte & Arttactic Art and Finance Report 2014

"What D'Angelo is building is an entirely new way to be an art collector, one that lets go of the ego contests of old, and is built for the digital age."

Business Insider 

"Crowdfunding regulations have democratized access to startups through platforms like AngelList. We believe that art as an asset class is next in line. Madelaine's industry background and technology understanding make her the right person to make this happen. The art experts and investors who she has brought to Arthena so far signal a very promising future."

Cankut Durgan

“Arthena is mixing crowdfunding and fine art to create a modern masterpiece.”

Crowdfund Insider

Arthena is the smarter way to invest in art