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New global economic trends indicate that alternative investments will experience a massive breakout in 2017. Institutional investors have already refocused portfolio allocations for higher exposure to alternatives in light of this, and individual investors are not far behind.

In the past, institutional investors, such as pension fund managers, had exclusive access to investments that capitalize on unique asset classes or private equity opportunities. Today, accessible online platforms, such as Arthena, have opened the market for individual investors seeking exposure to the industry. Robo-advising, machine learning, and big data are shaping a surge of new investment products, and transparency will be the individual investor’s key to identifying the best options.

The first step to investing and diversifying your portfolio is getting educated about the market place, points of entry, and fund manager strategies. Arthena offers several avenues for education in these areas from the perspective of the alternative investment, art asset class and FinTech space.


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