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Arthena is a leader in pricing the $60+ Billion art market

About Our Products
  • Arthena engineers quantitative art investment products that combine data science with domain expertise to change the way the world invests in art. By understanding the financial value and underlying risk of every asset, we can create a variety of financial products.
  • Art can have a low correlation to traditional investments and can provide valuable diversification to any portfolio.
  • Arthena has pioneered new financial applications in the art market achievable exclusively through analyses of big data.
The Arthena Advantage
Return Potential

Return Potential

Although art has historically produced attractive returns relative to other asset classes, institutional investors have not traditionally optimized these returns using quantitative investment models. With Arthena’s proprietary technology, however, it is now possible to engineer investment strategies that achieve consistent and high-performing returns across various customizable risk thresholds.

Asset Ownership

Tangible Asset Ownership

As a tangible asset, art benefits from stable intrinsic value and consistent market demand. Especially during periods of economic volatility, physical artworks resist sudden depreciation and their prices are generally sheltered from macroeconomic shocks.



As an asset class, art offers valuable opportunities for diversification, but individually expensive artworks pose a liquidity and allocation challenge to some investors. Arthena’s financial products grant individual investors access to diversified portfolios without requiring overly concentrated commitments.

Risk Management


Arthena is an industry leader in determining fair prices based on the underlying values of artworks. By comparing prices to values, we can describe the true risk profile of the art market and design innovative risk-management strategies.

Investment Strategies

Arthena's specialized products employ and continually build on the proprietary pricing models. This enables Arthena to pursue products independently while operating within a central risk and operational framework. Arthena pursues its investment objective by leveraging the quantitative research engine to surface instances of systematic and situational market inefficiencies.

Capital is allocated to a number of segments in the art market through financial instruments that optimize returns. Arthena generally considers the following factors as part of its investment selection process and may determine to pursue products or strategies that employ all or a subsection of the strategies described above.

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