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financial solutions for the art market

What We Do
  • Arthena is a financial technology firm that leverages quantitative-driven pricing methodologies to execute on a basket of strategies and financial products related to the art market.
Machine Learning


Arthena runs on a quantitative pricing engine.

We have engineered a data pipeline to iterate a variety of machine learning methodologies over the millions of data points that inform our pricing strategies.

All of our products leverage this proprietary pricing capability, which allows us to develop and test our diverse range of constantly-evolving market solutions using a single, efficient operational framework.

Institutional Services


Arthena has created proprietary quantitative pricing models that are the backbone of product offerings that allow for deeper analysis of artists and art market trends. Arthena is involved in multiple aspects of the art market including advising & executing auction guarantees in partnership with institutional investors, assisting retail investors gain access to art market returns, working with some of the largest financial institutions in the world to create solutions to real world problems impacting collectors and offering art market & individual artist analysis via our insights platform.

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Arthena believes that collaboration, curiosity, and innovation contribute to excellence in pricing the art market. We’re always looking for new team members who uphold these principles to join us.

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