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Artificial Intelligence


for the Art market

Operating in the fintech and insurtech space, Arthena is a technology firm that creates Machine Learning (ML) based solutions for the art market. Arthena’s best in class technology brings rigor and clarity to the art market, transforming a $1.7 trillion-dollar industry. Arthena provides an operating system for data-based, art market pricing transparency. Our technology allows for the creation of products to better understand, price, protect, hedge, and invest in art assets.
We understand the true value of your collection

We have the cleanest data in the art market

Arthena's industry-leading, data integration features build a solid foundation of sufficient, quality data. Over the past 4+ years, Arthena has built a world-class infrastructure around the ability to gather mass amounts of art market data, price it efficiently, and at scale. Our proprietary data pipeline has accumulated a database of



Worth of assets

Features per lot

7 proprietary technical products in our pipeline

Excellence in pricing art assets

Through our proprietary data pipeline, we've built the cleanest art market database in the industry. This allows us to price works effectively, efficiently, and at scale.

Arthena's industry-leading data integration features allow us to build upon a solid foundation of sufficient, quality data, which is incorporated into daily operations. We have built multiple proprietary products around data cleaning, tabling, and visualization. This process is automated, with new data added daily.

Data is integrated into our proprietary modeling environment which allows us to test, build, and deploy models at scale. Each model is targeted and optimized for a specific strategy or product line.

Every art asset is accompanied by a fully automated investment report, designed to be digestible for individuals with no art market knowledge.

An operating system for continuous delivery

Cutting edge proprietary modeling environment

Arthena's machine learning infrastructure allows for quick iteration on different modeling approaches i.e., variation of modeling algorithms, hyper-parameters, transforms, and features. We leverage this same machine learning infrastructure for the creation and deployment of production models and inference pipelines. Arthena is the only player in the industry that has built an engine with this capability to date.


Custom configured ML algorithms

Features per lot

Customizable ML feature engineering transforms